Why Freezing Stored Grain Is A Bad Idea

Farmers are cautioned that freezing stored grain can create many additional storage problems and result in substantial financial losses.

There are no advantages to freezing grain.

Freezing your grain may delay moisture damage initially but provides a very significant drying problem when ambient temperatures start to increase in the spring. Frozen grain will need intensive management because as soon as the grain is hit with warm air from the outside it will start to clump together creating air flow problems in the bin and clogging grain moving systems.

Increasing the temperature of frozen grain in the spring will require continuous heating and aeration until the grain mass reaches ambient temperatures. Shutting off the fans will result in spoilage as uneven heating and moisture migration throughout the grain mass will occur rapidly. Rewarming frozen grain can therefore be an expensive proposition.

Cold grain against sun-warmed bin walls is subject to crusting and spoilage. Crusting is an indication that moisture is moving from warmer to cooler zones dropping the water holding capacity of the air. Grain is an excellent insulator so it will take significant warmth and air flow rates to increase the temperature of frozen grain in the interior of the grain mass – aeration fans alone will likely be insufficient.

Frozen grain will likely cause air vents and roof access covers to frost over due to condensation as the warm spring sun heats the bin roof. This can create a dangerous pressure seal on the bin which can damage the bin seals and bin roof. Turning on aeration fans in this situation can cause the roof and bin sides to bulge and deform ruining the grain bin’s structural integrity.

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