On Our Offering

Can you build before harvest? How booked up are your crews?

We can build a lot of bins before harvest each year, but to insure your bins are ready when you want them book early and have your site ready. Call for current build times.

Can I dry grain in a big bin?

There are several ways to dry grain in a big bin. Having the proper fan and/or burner for your application is key. Call us to discuss.

Is this the best price?

Our prices are competitive, but it is important to compare apples to apples; we typically have more accessories standard with our bin packages.

How long is the price good for?

Most quotes are good for a period of 2 weeks from date issued, check with your Account Manager.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard terms are 25% down payment, 25% on delivery of material and 50% on completion. We also offer competitive leasing rate.

How do I prepare my site?

If starting a new site, strip the loose soil (6-8”) and pack gravel to about 6” above grade. One of our trained staff can help you out determining what would be best for your site

What is your warranty?

Most products are covered by our 5 year warranty.

Why is your package better?

We use top quality products that are tried and tested. Many of our vendors are right here in Western Canada.

Can you service your product?

We have a large, experienced service team capable of taking care of any issues that come up.

Do you do complete handling systems?

We offer grain handling systems to fit any size of operation.


On Our Products

Has there been any changes or upgrades?

We are always looking for new products and upgrades to our offering, sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date.

Do I need to monitor my grain?

We highly recommend having temperature and moisture cables in your bins so you can monitor the grain throughout the year. It is an inexpensive way to check up on your investment.

Do I need moisture cables?

We recommend having moisture cables in your bins in conjunction with temperature cables so you can more accurately condition grain in your bins.

Which fan should I have?

Proper airflow is important for your bins, there are a number of fan options available, best is to consult with your account manager to select the fan(s) for your application.

Do I need a burner?

Propane or natural gas burners aren’t always necessary, but can be quickly added to many fans to turn your bin into a dryer in tough conditions.

What size dryer do I need?

Generally, you want to be able to dry the amount of grain you can combine in a day. Call an account manager to discuss the different models and sizes available.

Common conversation topics:

  • Weather
  • Amount of moisture (too wet, too dry)
  • Grain prices
  • Oil prices
  • Land prices & land rental costs
  • Crop rotations / seeding plans
  • Other farm equipment
  • Future plans for the farm
  • Grain drying