Derek Klassen - Glenella, Manitoba

David Armstrong - Gladstone, Manitoba

More Control Of Stored Grain

Doug Ausmus

Ausmus Ventures, Leader, Saskatchewan

Doug and his brothers Brad, Darcy and Clint and Father Larry operate Ausmus Ventures a 12,500 dryland farm near Leader, Saskatchewan. Crops grown on the Ausmus farm include durum wheat, rye, peas, canola and lentils.

The Ausmus family first hired Wall Grain to install 4 x 28,500 bushel bins in 2010 on two of their four yard locations. Since then they have installed 6 more identical bins all equipped with aerated floors, outside ladders and fans.

The bigger bins means an auger can be set-up for a longer period of time in one place. It’s a relief not be constantly moving augers from one bin to another.

Temperature and Moisture Control

Mack Murray

Venture Ranches, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Mack and his brother Stuart operate Venture Ranches near Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Venture Ranches has both irrigated and dryland fields under production for a total of 12,000 acres. The predominant crops are spring wheat and durum along with specialized oilseeds such as oriental mustard and hybrid canola seed. Venture Ranches also runs a cow/calf operation.

In 2012, Mack and Stuart hired Wall Grain to install 3 x 25,000 bushel bins equipped with aeration flooring, bin sweeps, and fans. The brothers were undecided on their need for a fourth bin in 2012 and opted to hire the Wall Grain installation crew to pour a fourth pad.

Towards the end of summer, the crop was predicted to have bumper potential and they asked for the fourth bin to be installed. All four bins were installed as promised and were available for the record harvest.

In addition, grain temperature and moisture sensors were installed in each bin, providing vital information to manage grain quality.

Venture Ranches is confident with their decision to work with Wall Grain. By doing so, they significantly increased the amount of storage as well as their ability to identify potential problems with their stored grain.

I was pleased with the design and the way the bins were put together. The Wall Grain installation crew was professional.