Service is Our #1 Priority!

From pouring your bin pad, to building your bucket elevator, to monitoring your grain, to repairing the damaged parts on your bin, Wall Grain offers services from start to finish … and beyond.

You can be confident that we have:

  • Numerous concrete crews known for their expertise and high quality work in pouring bin pads.
  • Efficient and expert construction crews.
  • Highly qualified technicians who know everything about dryers and burners.
  • Detailed draftsmen to design your large-scale grain handling system.
  • Skilled craftsmen to construct your grain handling system.
  • Qualified technicians, with years of experience in grain monitoring systems, to watch your stored grain including monthly reports and timely communication.
We make sure you get the most out of your harvested grain and we will work together to ensure your success!

Our Service Team does not stop after construction and/or installation. Once we have built your bins, set up your dryer, installed your handling system or started monitoring your grain we continue to offer our services. Our skilled Service Team, with experience in all aspects of our grain systems is available to come to your farm and help you out. Whether it is a repair job or an upgrade to your existing system, we can meet any servicing needs you may come across.